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"The convenience of the service was key in my decision to sign up. Telehealth visits give patients access to medical advice and the convenience of their homes or wherever they may be. Portiva's virtual medical assistant enables healthcare professionals to ensure quality patient care while streamlining the administrative work associated with their practice. Whether it's an app, website, or software program, usability and performance go hand in hand to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. In addition, by providing patients with more personalized support services such as appointment scheduling and medication reminders, it also helps streamline operations within hospitals and clinics - freeing up valuable resources that can be used elsewhere. Finally, Virtual Medical Assistants are affordable for individuals who need more access to healthcare providers due to geography or cost constraints. What does a remote scribe do

Frequently Asked Questions

A remote medical scribe is a trained professional who assists healthcare providers with documentation and administrative tasks, primarily through virtual means, such as video conferencing or phone calls.

The primary difference between a remote medical scribe and an in-person medical scribe is the location of the work. While an in-person medical scribe works alongside a healthcare provider during patient visits, a remote medical scribe works from a separate location.

Using a remote medical scribe can provide several benefits, including increased efficiency and productivity for healthcare providers, improved accuracy in documentation, and reduced costs associated with hiring and training additional staff members.